The Broman Empire was an ancient civilization which existed from 600 BCE to 469 CE. It was centered around the city of Bro, and became the biggest and most long-lasting empire that has existed to date.


The city of Bro was founded at least as early as 950 BCE, when the first mentions of its name appear in records of its time, on the banks of the river Florus in what is now part of the Federal States of Lemuria. From a small tribal village, it became one of many self-governing city-states in the region and was constantly at war with its many powerful neighbours. However, by 780 BCE, the Bromans had developed into skilled tacticians with an extremely effective military and was conquering most of the other city-states with ease.

The Bromans aquired most of their wealth through war, and later taxation of the defeated territories, rather than trade or natural resources. This was likely one of the reasons they continued to wage war even after their closest neighbours, who were also the most imminent threats, had been defeated and placed under the strict control of the Broman army. They were not only skilled at war, however, but cleverly took advantage of the conquered territories's varying strengths. Thus, the city-state of Pallia continued to produce their excellent wines, although the greater part of the wealth went to Bro. Likewise Amigo and Homei remained the main trading cities of the region, but paid heavy taxes.