Iulia (pronounced as 'Julia') Stanislawa Vodenicharov (probably born in May 1978) is the current president and head of state of Darmania. She is the granddaughter of the country's first president, Eryk Vodenicharov (1912-1999) and his wife Tomislawa (1903-2008). She rose to power three days after the officially proclaimed death of Eryk on the 7th of October.

Early life

Little is known about Iulia's early life. She was born to Lyudmila Vodenicharov and her consort at some point before July 1978, probably in Lyudmila's private castle in the Darmanian mountains where she remained until the age of 11. At this point, she was moved to Vjecnigrad and made her first public appearance on the national holiday Benedictus Cucumis. It has been speculated that it was at this time that her 'grooming' to president begun, although she was not yet the appointed heir; this probably happened in 1994, when she was 15 or 16 years old.


Iulia's succession after her grandfather's death was planned years beforehand and carefully conducted to paint the late Eryk as something akin to a saint, and Iulia's succession as natural and undeniable. It did not go entirely unquestioned, however. Some voices were raised, especially in Vjecnigrad and other towns, demanding an election where several candidates would be electable and the presidency would pass to a person of the people's choice. These voices never grew very loud, however.

Personal interests and traits

Throughout her presidency, Iulia has been quiet about her private life, and only a few selected details have been shared publically. In her childhood she was rumoured to be a "nice, social kid", although "extremely spoilt and very hot-headed", traits which can be discerned even today. During her upraising in the Darmanian mountains she was allegedly allowed to do and say anything she wanted, was never denied any wish that was within anyone's power to fulfill for her, and was never once reprimanded. Upon her coming to Vjecnigrad she had brought her ten pet bloodhounds, three pet anacondas, and her pet polar bear, and demanded that instead of living in her grandfather's mansion she's have her own house.

Later in life Iulia has shown great interest in western culture, especially TV-series and movies. She never leaves Vjecnigrad without bringing her case of golf clubs and has an avid passion for cross-breeding dogs. According to her own words, her greatest passion is 'to tend the soil that is within the Bordered Container of Darmania, until it flourishes as it never has before, and its people are as happy as they deserve."